"Backflip Over a Cow"

Myke Hurley:

This week Matt and Myke talk about LG and the future of Nexus devices, HTC's current problems, Yahoo! potentially buying Hulu and the Nokia Lumia 520.

Returning from a long weekend, Myke and I had a lot of fun on this week's episode of Bionic.

We discussed the possible future of Google's Nexus line — our thoughts stirred by the recent release of a stock Galaxy S 4 and a white Nexus 4 — and pondered whether or not we might be witnessing the beginning of our oft-discussed "Nexus Certification Program."

Delving into the rumor of a stock HTC One, we also spared a moment to discuss the apparent problems within HTC's executive line-up, the forced delay of the HTC First in Europe, and what the company might do next.

We touched on the potential $800 million acquisition of Hulu — a company which has been sought after unsuccessfully by many suitors in recent years. And, once again, I gushed without restraint about Marissa Mayer.

Finally, we spoke about Myke's newly acquired Lumia 520 and his initial thoughts regarding the device and the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Also, somewhere within all of this, I managed to discuss the physics of backflipping over a cow (and handstanding on a horse). As you'd expect.

Bionic 44 is available, as always, from 5by5.