Myke Hurley, 70Decibels:

This week Matt and Myke reflect on some recent developments with and pornographic videos on Vine.

Recording in the immediate aftermath of the release of's File API, Myke and I had a chance to share our initial reactions to the news.

As long-standing advocates and friends of the platform, Myke and I were quick to praise the new functionality. We've both been watching as has steadily evolved into a platform and ecosystem, rather than a simple social networking tool. And that's an undeniably encouraging and exciting thing to witness.

In other news, Myke and I took a deep look at the Vine pornography controversy and considered the ramifications it poses for the Apple ecosystem. Considering the app flagrantly promoted such content, yet remains in the App Store (albeit without Apple's promotion), Myke and I wondered what this might say about Apple's review methods, its partnerships, and the long-term viability of its approach to the App Store.

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