"Stock Andrew"

Myke Hurley, 70Decibels:

This week Matt and Myke discuss Facebook Home and how Myke is getting on with his switch to Android.

This week, in the immediate aftermath of the Facebook Home event, Myke and I shared our initial reactions to the news.

In short, I'm feeling rather effusively positive about Facebook's movements. Myke, on the other hand, expressed some valid concerns about the future of Home. (Somewhere at this juncture I got to yell about Viagra on air.)

Most importantly, however, Myke and I discussed his ongoing Android experiment. Four days into using a Nexus 4 full-time, we checked in to see what gripes, concerns, and problems might prevent him from staying. Equally, and perhaps most interestingly, we also looked at the affable, positive, and exciting elements of the phone that might make him stay.

Bionic 036 is available, as always, from 70Decibels.