"A Productive Argument with Matt Alexander"

Mikes on Mics, 70Decibels:

“The Mikes” are joined by Matt Alexander of OneThirtySeven and the Bionic podcast podcast for a bit of back and forth about productivity immediately following The OmniFocus Setup.
Note: This was recorded live at Macworld at a coffee shop, so please forgive the audio, especially the coffee grinding during the intro.

Fresh out of last week's OmniFocus Setup event in San Francisco, Michael Schechter and Mike Vardy were kind enough to invite me to join them for episode 53 of 'Mikes On Mics.'

For those who aren't aware, I have a rather serious aversion to the cult of productivity that's so common on the Internet. I believe in a more organic and failure-prone method of self-education and improvement. Accordingly, following a lengthy and intricate look into the exhaustive world of OmniFocus nerdery, I was ripe with some serious opinions.

It's worth noting that, as I emphasized on the show, I more than appreciate the necessity and importance of apps like OmniFocus. I use it myself. The trouble I have lies with people who, in the words of Mike Vardy, "do productivity" rather than behave productively. So, please don't be offended if I walk all over your "workflows" and what have you.

My thanks to Michael and Mike for having me on. It was an absolute pleasure to record, particularly in person. If you haven't experimented with their show before, it's very much worth a listen.

Mikes On Mics 53 is available from 70Decibels.