The Fine Line is Blurring

Myke Hurley, 70Decibels:

This week Matt and Myke discuss Facebook and how privacy concerns and boundaries are starting to change. 

On this week's episode of Bionic, Myke and I took a deep dive into the world of social networking and the ecosystems therein.

Contrasted to the realms of Android and iOS, Facebook has literally billions of monthly users in an ecosystem that agnostically spans across operating systems — mobile or traditional — and into the tangible world.

Considering the rise of wearable computing, Myke and I pondered what ramifications such far reaching social technology might pose to our day-to-day lives. How, given the state of technology today, the landscape of technological interaction might fundamentally shift in the very near future.

And how that might be a very worrisome thing, indeed.

Bionic 032 is available, as always, from 70Decibels.