Google's Sergey Brin Reflects on the State of U.S. Politics

Sergey Brin, writing on Google+:

But because no matter what the outcome, our government will still be a giant bonfire of partisanship. It is ironic since whenever I have met with our elected officials they are invariably thoughtful, well-meaning people. And yet collectively 90% of their effort seems to be focused on how to stick it to the other party.

Although I'm very pleased with the outcome of yesterday's U.S. election, I must admit, I've found the entirety of the campaign to be woefully disheartening.

Virtually every matter of interest to the public has been over-politicized and cast askew by various political parties, onlookers, and armchair commentators across the world. Rather than focusing upon the rational improvement and assessment of the United States, the vast majority appear focused upon merely defeating another opponent, regardless of the casualties such rhetoric will inevitably engender.

The eyes of the world fall upon the United States during each election, and those eyes are increasingly greeted with a situation mired with hatred, prejudice, and the sacrifice of personal belief.

Without finding some semblance of compromise, I worry for the ramifications of such a polarized and over-politicized nation. Politicians, media professionals, and regular citizens should engage with each other, rather than simply embark upon near-sighted and self-serving expressions of self-importance.

I do not wish to cover politics here, but given the amount of negativity I continue to endure as a foreigner with American citizenship during each election, I think it's of importance to — at the very least — offer a reminder of the deplorable state of political discourse in this country. It's a problem in dire need of a solution, but so few seem willing to contend with it. And that's a shame, indeed.