Put Him on the Monkey Bars

Myke 'Terrible' Hurley, 70Decibels:

This week Matt and Myke discuss the Surface Pro and the increase of PC manufacturers making Chromebooks. There's also a half-time troll-fest.

On this week's episode of Bionic, Myke and I talked about the correlation between the  struggle of the Surface Pro, RT, and Windows 8 and the apparent rise of Chrome OS.

Lending from personal experience, I provided some insight into the potential attractiveness of Chrome OS for the average consumer.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of this relatively cogent discussion, I began talking about wet socks and monkey bars, whilst Mr. Hurley pried into all the various web properties I own and began ruthlessly trolling me.

So, needless to say, it's a fun one for you to listen to. That is, if you enjoy me being systematically ruined and embarrassed on air.

Episode 028 is available, as always, from 70Decibels.