Moto X Coming by October, Creating 2,000 Jobs in Fort Worth

Joanna Stern, ABC News:

During an interview at the All Things D conference, CEO of Motorola Dennis Woodside revealed the company's plans for the long-rumored "Moto X" phone, which will have a OLED screen and will be released later this summer. Woodside wouldn't detail any other specifications of the phone, but said that it will have long battery life and that sensors on it will allow it to know when you are using it.
The phone will be made at Flextronics' 500,000-square foot facility in Fort Worth, Texas, which was once used to make Nokia phones. While the phone will be designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S., not all the components in the phone will be made in the U.S. The processor and screen, for example, will be made overseas.

Although it's encouraging to see Motorola creating its latest phone in the United States — particularly as someone living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area — the positive lens through which this is being framed is rather disingenuous.

The so-called "Moto X" device has been in development for well over a year and it most certainly has not been creating jobs throughout this time. Advertising and marketing campaigns have been developed and scrapped, designs have been repeatedly revised, and strategies have been in constant flux.

Whatever has been barring Motorola's push toward the market has cost a great many people their jobs en route.

I obviously understand the need to frame the forthcoming device with an aura of positivity, but the rambling story of the first Motorola phone under Google's ownership is a colossal narrative to cover with a crass sentiment of patriotism. And I personally do not buy it.

Nevertheless, however, I am hopeful the 'Moto X' will contribute something genuinely good to the Android ecosystem. Woodside's comments do, in fact, point toward quite an innovative device, indeed. But having heard worrisome whispers about the development of this device for a seemingly interminable volume of time, my expectations have been set accordingly.