Dave Caolo's History of the iPad


Dave Caolo:

The story of Apple’s iPad is incredible, especially considering how young the device is. Released in April of 2010, the iPad has redefined and dominated the tablet market (if there even is a tablet market) and spawned a radical change in how tablet devices look and operate.

Of course, Apple didn’t cut the iPad from whole cloth (which probably would have been linen). It was built upon decades of ideas, tests, products and more ideas. Before we explore the iPad’s story, it’s appropriate to consider the greater history of tablets and the pen-driven devices that preceded it.

Considering the relative nascence of the iPad, it’s humbling to consider the strides Apple has made in the market since its release. Exploring this brief history, Dave Caolo is running a series of posts this week concerning the genesis of the iPad.

Today’s installment, the prologue, is fascinating. As is endemic within Apple’s secretive nature, the iPad models we have witnessed over the past two years are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Beneath the choppy, frothing surface, lies a rich history leading toward the iPad we all know and love.

Highly recommended.