Slow News

During the early summer months, technology news traditionally slows to a halt. In this environment, parched journalists leap toward any vague semblance of news they might happen across.

In other words, people desperately begin paying attention to DigiTimes.

In an effort to shame the culprits of such shameless wheel-spinning, Stephen Hackett has posted a list, albeit fairly unscientifically, itemizing the quantity of references various publications have made to DigiTimes. Stephen writes:

  • TUAW: 18,000 results
  • AppleInsider: 11,000 results
  • BGR: 2,110 results
  • MacStories 1,130 results
  • MacDailyNews: 1,110 results
  • MacRumors: 532 results
  • Macgasm: 332 results
  • iMore: 275 results
  • 9to5Mac: 157 results
  • The Next Web: 65 results
  • The Loop: 32 results

Although the results are far from conclusive, the list stokes important remembrance of the fallibility of news outlets, and their eagerness to remain relevant.