Ben Brooks Reviews the Fitbit

Ben Brooks:

And that’s not what the Fitbit, UP, et al does. Save your money, because these activity tracking devices are about as good as the Palm Treo was when all we were looking for is an iPhone.

If you can't tell, Ben is unimpressed. And justifiably so, after his experience with the Fitbit. For instance, I was unaware that the extra functionality came at an annual premium. Absurd.

Having said that, I've been using a Jawbone UP for the past week or so, and I must say -- I'm a fan.

Although wearing a rubber bracelet takes some getting used to, I find the statistics and information the UP provides to be pretty interesting. While Ben is, of course, right, and the information is cast askew due to the hardware's limitations, the numbers are nonetheless influential in terms of keeping track of your health.

As Shawn Blanc said in his review:

The UP is certainly not for hard-core health nuts and exercisers who want something scientifically accurate. The UP is for average folks who want to have a better idea of how active they are — or are not — and who want to use the high-level data the UP provides them as a way to make daily and lifestyle changes regarding their activity.

My experiences perfectly echo Shawn's sentiments. That is not to say I disagree with Ben, I simply have different expectations of such devices.