NBC Secures Premier League Rights

Rob Harris, reporting for the Associated Press:

NBC's network will televise the English Premier League under a $250 million, three-year deal that begins next season.

The network will show every match from the world's most popular soccer league, taking coverage away from Fox and ESPN.

NBC's English-language networks will televise six live games a week. One or two of the company's other cable channels will be used along with NBC Sports Network, Lazarus said, but which ones have not been determined yet as schedules are evaluated. Other games will be streamed live online.

Combining NBC's announcement with the Boxee TV making its way to me in the very near future, the obstacles facing a full cable-cutting scenario in my house are depleting.

Honestly, now, the only lingering troublemaker is HBO — a company that has repeatedly expressed its unwillingness to open up a streaming-only option in the United States.

Nevertheless, despite HBO's disinterest in change, I find myself rather excited by the prospect of shedding a largely unused three figure bill each month.

Apple Considering Bidding for English Premier League Streaming Rights?

Charles Sale for The Daily Mail:

Computer giants Apple are showing interest in joining the billion-pound battle for the next set of live Premier League TV rights when the tender goes out before the end of the season.

The Premier League is seen as the type of premium content that will help establish Apple TV in the UK and boost iPad sales, while the iTunes subscription service infrastructure is already in place.

I prefer not to write about unsubstantiated rumors, but if true, this would be a dream come true.

Royal Mint Explains The Offside Rule

Traditionally a source of great confusion for newcomers to the beautiful game, the offside rule's perceived complexity is set to be undermined.

The Royal Mint has undertaken the task of spreading mass awareness and understanding of the offside rule. The coin's design is a result of a crowdsourcing project to cover all twenty nine sports in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

I wish I had a pile of these to hand out to people watching football in American pubs.

You can buy the coins here.