In case you're not on Twitter and you're missing the unfolding drama, Joshua Topolsky has posted an article, 'Horseshit,' responding to MG Siegler's review of the Galaxy Nexus (and in turn John Gruber's response). 

I don't have all too much to say on the topic at the moment, but I do want to ask, who on Earth still uses the word "horseshit?"

Oh well. As Jim Dalrymple says, "popcorn."

M.G. Siegler: Blogger Turned Venture Capitalist


How transferrable do you think blogging skills are to investing?

In some ways, very transferrable. In other ways, it's a totally new game. Of course, there are many [companies that have] good stories that aren't good companies [for investment]. That's been a learning process--not that I would invest in something that's going to be a train wreck just because it's a good story.

Something worth reading for anyone interested in blogging, and the potential business world that lies beyond.