The Hurri-Tumblr

First, I'd like to express my most sincere gratitude for the outrageously dedicated team at Squarespace. In spite of flooding and persistent road closures, the Squarespace team is currently hand-carrying bottles of petrol up and down seventeen flights of stairs in order to keep its servers online.

Given all that's happened on the East Coast in the past few days, their dedication is truly remarkable. Moreover, it makes me extremely pleased I've chosen to work with Squarespace since the founding of OneThirtySeven last year.

Still, per their overnight updates, the power situation is in a constant state of instability. They've loaded enough fuel to keep the servers running until morning, but are unsure if that will be enough to regain reliable power to the generators.

Accordingly, I've setup a backup Tumblr account — — which I'll be updating with my latest content and articles.

The content written on the Tumblr will, of course, be imported into Squarespace whenever possible, but whilst the power situation is in flux, I feel it's appropriate to take at least a small portion of the weight off Squarespace's already inundated shoulders.

For further updates, feel free to follow me on Twitter and, of course, Tumblr.

Again, Squarespace is deserving of a massive round of applause from all of its customers. Really fantastic stuff.