Ten Starz Films to Watch on Netflix Before the End of February

At the end of the month, Starz films will vanish from the Netflix streaming library. Although this has been widely perceived as a stinging negative for the streaming giant, Dan Frommer outlines the ten best films to watch before the end of the month. Frommer concludes:

Btw, it was hard to find 10 movies that don’t look laughably bad. Netflix isn’t going to miss Starz very much, I don’t think.

Netflix is not dying, dead, or gone. No matter what the media might have you believe.

Starz Building Streaming App, Might Forego Cable Requirement

Starz (via Starz PR)

Joseph Parish for The Verge:

President Chris Albrecht announced yesterday that it would launch an application similar to HBO Go for various devices, likely including smartphones and tablets. Better yet, he reportedly indicated that customers might not even need a cable subscription to use the service. That would be a big deal for cord-cutters — networks, like HBO, typically require a cable subscription to stream their content.

Evidence continues to pile up supporting the death of the traditional television model.