Federico Viticci:

Released yesterday, Analytiks 2.0 by Stelios Petrakis is an interesting widget-type iOS application to quickly check on your Google Analytics account. Whilst I don’t normally bother delving deep into Google reporting while on my iPhone, I have been looking for fresh alternatives to Garrett Murray’s Ego (which took a substantial hit in terms of daily usage after I stopped using Mint), and Analytiks delivers on the need of providing essential information at a glance with an elegant presentation.

Although I have a sincere mistrust of Google Analytics, I’m utterly enthralled with the minimalist design implemented in Analytiks. Colorful, attractive, and competent, Analytiks has prompted an ever-so-slight reconsideration of my usage of Google Analytics.

Such is the power of good design.

Analytiks is available for $0.99 from the App Store.

Breaking News: 8.6% is Now More Than 8.9%

Mark Frauenfelder:

I would like to know what software they used to make this graph. Wouldn't you think it would produce an accurate graph? Simpler explanation: Fox just couldn't bring itself to show a downtick in unemployment, no matter how small, so they edited it.

I never thought I'd post about Fox News here, but then communist Muppets happened. Now this.