'The Magazine'

Marco Arment:

Introducing The Magazine: a modern iOS Newsstand publication for geeks like us that’s loosely about technology, but also gives tech writers a venue to explore other topics that like-minded geeks might find interesting.

Several months ago, during WWDC, Kyle Baxter and I spoke at length about the value and inevitability of building precisely such a publication. And, sure enough, here it is.

Although The Magazine is strikingly reminiscent of the Read & Trust Magazine, I must say that I'm pleased it's here. My reasoning is simple: long-form writing is making a welcome and well-overdue comeback.

In an age of throwaway tweets and one or two word pieces of "analysis," long-form writing's resilience has been rewarded with relevance and desire within the technology community. For people like me — people who enjoy producing such lengthy content — I'm thrilled that's the case.

From some cursory dabbling, The Magazine appears to be, unsurprisingly, a very well crafted and enjoyable app to use. I've immediately subscribed, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the publication.

The Magazine is available from the iOS App Store. Federico Viticci has, as always, a fantastic overview of its significance, purpose, and quality.