Twelve South Hoverbar for iPad

Twelve South has today released its latest Apple accessory, the Hoverbar for iPad. Designed to latch onto an Apple Thunderbolt Display, an iMac, or a desk, the Hoverbar allows you to suspend your iPad as a complementary screen, or to turn it into a standalone workstation.

As with most Twelve South products, you tend not to comprehend the need for such an accessory until you check out their gallery, or until you have a chance to try out the product for yourself. Glancing through, you get a glimpse at some thoroughly novel implementations, but you also get a detailed look at a fairly unattractive product.

Lacking the token panache characteristic of Twelve South's products, the Hoverbar appears borderline garish in its presentation. At the same time, the Hoverbar is clearly designed to sink into the background. Rather than inviting visible use like the Compass or the PlugBug, the Hoverbar is clearly designed to clip onto the back of something and remain mostly away from prying eyes.

Although that's not a real excuse for the aesthetics of the Hoverbar, I tend to think such a product may prove exceedingly useful for those seeking an extra informational screen.

For more information, you can check out the Hoverbar here.

The Twelve South PlugBug Charger

Twelve South -- the Apple-esque accessory company -- has launched the PlugBug Charger. As with all of their products, the PlugBug is a simple, but unquestionably useful product. 

Patrick Rhone of Minimal Mac:

I want to know how it is that the folks at TwelveSouth keep turning out such amazing “well-duh-I-should-have-though-of-that” stuff.

In all seriousness, I don’t need this. But, oh, how I want it… So conflicted right now.