Instacast 2.0


Sustaining the relevance, usability, and functionality of an app is an increasingly difficult thing to do. Conflicts arise, third party services alter their APIs, and Apple characteristically revises the governing rules of the App Store. Accordingly, few developers have — in my memory — ably argued for the timeless sustenance of their product on the homescreen of my devices.

Those that have succeeded in this area, however, have often gone on to earn the plaudits of the greater media sphere. Tweetbot and Reeder, for instance, have grown into relative behemoths of the App Store ecosystem — each update utterly refining an already excellent experience.

Although Instacast has often been considered a wonderful app, it is with version 2.0 — released today — that the app achieves a palpable sense of greatness. Boasting a refined user interface, improved interactive paradigms, a plethora of tweaks and bug fixes, and an entirely new ‘Instacast Pro’ feature, Vemedio has aided in the instantiation of Instacast as an agent of permanence and importance for a large number of iOS users.

If you are a listener of podcasts, I cannot recommend Instacast enough. The app is a credit to the App Store, and is an invaluable element of my day-to-day workflow. Version 2.0 is a phenomenal update, and I am endlessly optimistic for the future integrity and innovation of the app.

Instacast 2.0 is available here.