Basil 1.5

Kyle Baxter:

Today I am releasing Basil 1.5. You can go get it on the App Store, check out thenew website, or keep reading for the details.
There are four big new features, but the headliner is that Basil now has full support for photos. When you save recipes from supported sites with photos, the photo will be, too. For other sites, you can add the photo as well. And as you’d expect, when you’re creating your own recipes, you can add photos of your own recipes.

Although I'm an absolutely horrendous cook, Basil continues to be one of the most invaluable tools on my iPad.

For those who've yet to dabble with Basil, the app is designed to be a modern, well-designed cooking assistant for your iPad. You're able to save recipes to the app, intelligently convert units of measurement, and so on.

It's truly a blessing for even the most inept of cook.

With today's update — which I've been using and testing for quite some time now — Kyle has introduced a fantastic selection of features and improvements. From Dropbox syncing to photography, Basil is better than it's ever been. And it's only $1.99.

Photography contributes a huge amount to the aesthetic and fun of the app, whilst also drawing you in for some of those otherwise forgotten recipes. It's a level of personality that's welcome and extremely useful. As a person who cooks infrequently at best, I've found something as incidental as photography to draw me into the kitchen far more often than in the past. And that's a brilliant thing.

In short, you should buy it.

Now that I've gotten my recommendation out of the way, I'll offer the disclaimer that Kyle Baxter is a friend. He and I met at WWDC last year and frequently sound off on the industry and general business practices.

But, despite the personal connection, I still feel utterly confident in recommending Basil. It's a thoughtful, useful, and very well-designed app. Regardless of the person behind the product, it's an invaluable tool that I'd be happy to recommend in any circumstance.

So, again, you should buy it.

Basil is available from the iOS App Store.

Apple Sells Three Million iPads in Three Days

Apple PR:

CUPERTINO, California—November 5, 2012—Apple® today announced it has sold three million iPads in just three days since the launch of its new iPad® mini and fourth generation iPad—double the previous first weekend milestone of 1.5 million Wi-Fi only models sold for the third generation iPad in March. The Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of both iPad mini and fourth generation iPad will ship in a few weeks in the US and in many more countries later this year.

The response to these sales statistics has been diverse and varied in the tech community. For some, the results point to a marked improvement over the previous generation. For others, given the vastly increased international availability of the iPad line, the numbers are somewhat middling.

Meanwhile, investors and Beards have responded to such negativity with overwhelming positivity.

Personally, the numbers seem about right. Considering the rapid iteration of the iPad product-line, the extensive volume of choice, and the recent overhaul of the iPhone, Mac, and iPod lines, I wouldn't expect for the numbers to be astronomic.

Instead, we are greeted with an upward trend in sales, and the successful introduction of a new Apple product. Looking at opening weekend sales is certainly of interest, but, for me, I'm far more inclined to wait for the holiday sales statistics before passing judgment. I suspect the iPad Mini will be an extremely popular gift choice this year, thus rendering these early-adoption statistics somewhat irrelevant.

Apple is barreling toward a record-shattering year and these results are, indeed, improvements upon their predecessors. So, although they may not meet some people's expectations, I certainly do not think they warrant any semblance of negativity.

Apparently investors agree.